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Your Winnipeg Chiropractors in River Heights

It's our mission to help people get healthy so we can build on
one of the healthiest communities around.

Kenaston Family Chiropractic Serves Your Needs

When you visit Kenaston Family Chiropractic, our focus is on respecting your priorities. Winnipeg chiropractors Dr. Joginder Sidhu and Dr. Garry Murray are here to listen to your needs and give you the attention necessary to meet your specific health goals. If we feel our office isn’t the right place for you, we’ll do everything we can to help you find another practitioner. We’re here to improve the health of the entire Winnipeg community!

Natural Chiropractic Care

The nervous system is our body’s command center. It controls every function in your body and when we have trouble with the nervous system and experience misalignment, it causes your body to break down and develop a state of disease or pain. It doesn’t always come across as pain, it can show up as other symptoms and that’s why it is so important to be regularly checked to ensure your family’s continued health.

Chiropractic restores alignment to your body, so your body can function properly. When it functions properly, you can experience natural pain relief and prevent future problems from occurring.

A Focus on Family Health

We want to help your family move forward from what’s holding them back in their health. It may be an injury, a weakened area or even a lack of good nutrition. We’re here in whatever capacity you need us, always keeping your priorities in mind. At Kenaston Family Chiropractic, we offer:

  • Pain relief chiropractic care
  • Wellness chiropractic care
  • Exercise
  • Nutrition

We offer longer hours and are now open Saturdays from 10am-11am
so you can get the care you need even on the weekends. Kenaston Family
Chiropractic is conveniently located in Southwest Winnipeg between the
River Heights and Tuxedo neighborhoods.

It’s important for every family member to be checked so contact us today
at (204) 488-2777 to schedule your appointment. We want you to experience
vibrant health for a lifetime!

Dr. Joginder Sidhu and Dr. Garry Murray | Chiropractor Winnipeg, River Heights MB