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Kenaston Family Chiropractic

At Kenaston Family Chiropractic, our purpose is to provide customized chiropractic care and rehab exercises to people of all ages so they can work, go to school, take care of their families and enjoy all that life has to offer. We want to create a healthier community by creating healthier individuals and families.

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Our History

Our chiropractors, Dr. Joginder Sidhu and Dr. Garry Murray, each have over twenty years’ experience helping patients achieve their unique goals. Dr. Sidhu earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Northwestern Health Sciences University, and Dr. Murray earned his from Logan University. They returned to Winnipeg to be near family and opened our practice here, choosing to locate in the River Heights, Charleswood, and Tuxedo area and offer care to everyone in our community.

Dr. Sidhu and Dr. Murray have been active in the community for the past two decades and love helping patients of all ages get the most out of life so they enjoy all that the area has to offer.


Keeping It Real

We feel it is an honor and a privilege to care for patients, and we take our responsibility to your health very seriously. We understand that your journey is your own, and we’ll never judge or criticize you—we are human, and we understand. Everyone’s life is so busy and complex, and we know that coming in for care, doing your rehab exercises and eating well are things that have to fit within your limited time. We create care plans and recommendations that are tailored not just to your health goals, but to your lifestyle and your bandwidth.

Products and Services

We provide rehab exercises for most patients, as well as nutritional guidance if patients ask for it. We offer high-quality nutritional supplements and exercise equipment for sale in our office. We stock the products that are needed for achieving your goals, to save you the time of shopping.

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