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MPI Auto Injuries in Winnipeg

Get the Care You Need with No Out-of-Pocket Expenses!

person with pain after auto accidentWhether you were involved in a low-speed fender bender or high-speed collision, your body has experienced trauma. The impact of an auto accident causes the joints to close and an extreme contraction of muscles. The pulling of ligaments and tendons also causes inflammation and damage. Whiplash and neck pain are common auto accident injuries.

Why Seek Chiropractic Care?

It’s important to seek chiropractic care after an auto accident to ensure that soft tissue adhesions and muscle adhesions don’t turn into scar tissue later in life. Chiropractic care can also maintain the alignment of the joints to prevent any arthritic change from happening long before it should, due to trauma. It’s also essential to have the proper curves restored in the spine, so you don’t get fatigue, and tired and achy joints.

The long term effects of injuries, such as whiplash, are arthritic joints changing the nerves firing within the spine itself, often stimulating the sympathetic nervous system. When that occurs, you may experience fatigue, headaches, neck stiffness, and poor sleep.

What to Expect

Please bring in your personal injury claim, which is separate from your automobile claim number. The doctor will perform a comprehensive examination and refer you for X-rays if necessary. The films are then sent to a radiologist for reading. Once your chiropractor has the results, they will put together a care plan.

Our doctors offer the following chiropractic techniques to help you get better: Diversified, Thompson (or Drop Table), and Activator. Highly experienced, they will provide customized care to treat you appropriately and get you better. Please allow 40 minutes for this initial appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to recover?

It depends on the severity, but simple strains/sprains take about 12 weeks for a full recovery. How long it takes also depends on your age, history, and previous trauma.

Do I have to pay anything for my care?

No, nothing comes out of your pocket. We bill directly to MPI. It doesn’t matter if you were the driver or passenger involved in the accident; you are already pre-approved for $1200 of care.

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If you’ve been in an auto accident, contact Kenaston Family Chiropractic today. We want to help you recover as quickly as possible.

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